Thames Traditional Boat Festival

Thames Traditional Boat Festival

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We set out to help the general public by maintaining interest in and encouraging the preservation and restoration of traditional boats and associated river crafts.

We aim to introduce boating in general and classic boating in particular to members of the public who may have been unaware of them.

We are probably the largest such event in Britain and indeed Europe and without our efforts we feel the current state of the nation's classic boat fleet would be much impoverished.


We hold an annual event, the Thames Traditional Boat Festival, in  July at Henley on Thames.

The 2016 event attracted around 10,000 people and was adjudged a great success in not only providing an entertaining day out but also showing visitors boats and other exhibits they had not seen previously.

On display were classic boats, important craft such as Queen's Row Barge, "Gloriana" and a host of other historic boats. Demonstrations were given of boat handling, boatbuilding crafts and restorations.

The best overall view of the event is our web site;

We rely on volunteers for publicity and marketing and we do need a further volunteer to ease the pressure on the two who are doing the work at present.


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