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  • Children / families
  • Education
  • Health and well being / research and care
  • International development
  • Young people

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Geographical remit: 


- to assist in relieving the financial and educational needs of children in local communities of sub-Saharan Africa, so that they are able to support themselves and their dependents in adult life, and

- to provide opportunities for a cultural exchange through which British students can offer their services and knowledge in aiding community health and educational projects


Tenteleni is a youth-driven, volunteer-run charity that supports the development of young people in the UK and Africa in collaboration with local partners. We provide young people with international volunteering placements in schools and local organisations in South Africa, Kenya and Tanzania for 8 weeks during the University summer period.

Working alongside national volunteers through our Volunteer Partnership Programme, Tenteleni volunteers work in educational placements as teaching assistants; assisting with English language learning and youth issues. Volunteers are also encouraged to facilitate and support extra-curricular activities for learners and create links between local Non-Governmental Organisations and their placements.

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