Teignbridge Community and Voluntary Services (CVS)

Teignbridge Community and Voluntary Services (CVS)

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  • Health and well being / research and care
  • Local / community
  • Voluntary sector support

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At Teignbridge Community and Voluntary Services, we support our local charities, voluntary groups, and social enterprises in Teignbridge to build a stronger community. We work to empower local communities to come together and take collective action that provides solutions to meet common problems by:

  • Working with communities to find and deliver their own solutions
  • Providing high quality support services to develop the capability and capacity of local voluntary and community organisations
  • Enabling communities to have a strong voice locally and further afield
  • Supporting communities and voluntary and community groups to come together to share knowledge and spread expertise
  • Supporting the development of leadership in our communities
  • Promoting Active Citizenship across Teignbridge

We also support a number of projects that link patients and users of statutory services into voluntary sector support to increase the offer for that person, carer, wider family to promote and support their wellbeing.


We have a core team who support people to come together to develop their ideas to support those themes they are passionate about, or the communities in which they live; we offer 1:1 support with governance, planning, funding, connecting to similar and complimentary projects and a full learning and training offer.

We support existing voluntary groups to come together, often with statutory partners, and network; sharing ideas, knowledge and intelligence they are able to collaborate to build their capacity as a sector or to improve the offer for people.  Often these are themed networks to meet the issues our communities currently face such as Cost of Living Crisis, Food and Food Sustainability, Mental Health, Children and Families and more.

We have a number of roles linking very closely into statutory services to provide a broker role, connecting people into support from within their communities to improve the wrap-around offer; this includes our hospital discharge teams, our Homes for Ukraine programme, housing and social care.

Current opportunities

More and more is being asked of local Communities in the support of local people.  Teignbridge CVS support communities and voluntary groups to...