Teenage Drop-in Centre, Hedge End Ltd

Teenage Drop-in Centre, Hedge End Ltd

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  • Health and well being / research and care
  • Mental health
  • Young people

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TADIC aims to promote and sustain the good physical health and emotional wellbeing  of young people aged 11-19 within and around the Borough of Eastleigh, Hampshire.

By offering a free one-stop health service to young people providing physical, sexual and mental health consultations and interventions, we contribute to the following outcomes:

  • An impovement in the detection and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases
  • A reduction in the teenage pregnancy rate
  • A reduction in unsafe sexual practices
  • Healthier young people (this may include young people who have lost weight, stopped smoking or sought advice on quitting drugs)
  • a reduction in anxiety and stress  and an increase in young people with strategies to cope with these.
  • an increase in emotional literacy
  • an increase in the numbers of young people reporting they feel happier with themselves
  • increased resilience



TADIC runs one-stop health drop- ins for young people in Hedge End and Hamble. These weekly drop-in sessions provide the opportunity for young people to talk about any health related issue with a nurse or doctor, to receive treatment and to be referred for assessment for counselling if this is appropriate.

All counselling is provided through our counselling service, Eastleigh Youth Counselling. Young people are seen for assessment and then for 6-8 sessions at venues around the Borough of Eastleigh to address issues including anxiety, depression, self harm, bereavement, identity, domestic violence and relationship breakdown.

TADIC also delivers sexual health and relationship education in local schools and is looking to offer group work as a move on pathway from counselling.

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