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An educational foundation for providing in-depth understanding of world affairs for teachers and students.


We believe ignorance of world affairs amongst Britain’s young people leads to political disengagement and permits extremist elements to control political agendas.

Young people in our schools and universities frequently feel disempowered when faced with the complexity of international affairs and the power of governments and international corporations. TEAM aims to help young people to understand these issues and to appreciate the role of think tanks, NGOs and campaigning organisations so that they can find a means of engaging both intellectually and practically with these issues,.

We have support from a wide range of speakers from the worlds of academia, diplomacy, NGOs and the media. TEAM invites these speakers to address students at schools and universities and to engage with them in discussions and Q & A sessions. We also organise and run study tours especially to Europe and the USA for teachers. We also encourage twin relationships between British and American or European schools.

TEAM is entirely run by volunteers, many of whom are involved because they love seeing the "eureka" response from students when they realise that by studying and questioning they can both better understand, and have an impact, on the issues, which matter to them. There is a personal reward, too, for the volunteers who are given the opportunity to hear speakers of a very high calibre

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