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At Tealby, we aspire to be an example of the best kind of primary school – one that creates great people. Staff filled with enthusiasm and passion alongside children immersed in a culture of sky-high expectation; relentless learning inside a community of great character. We know that these things can only happen when the whole community comes together and works as a whole. Our school is a family - a family that cares, supports and nurtures, allowing for all to be the best versions of ourselves we could possibly be.

"It's like walking into a hug."


Our vision:

We want our pupils to move from us, confident, curious, articulate, creative, independent and well-prepared for their next stage. We want to produce collaborators, innovators, leaders and, more than anything else, young people who understand what it is to be human.

Our mission:

Aspire | Believe | Achieve 

At Tealby School, our children will:

  • Develop the values and skills by which they will live life
  • Develop a lifelong love of learning
  • Aspire to be the best they can be

Our values:

  • Courage – We are not afraid to try, mistakes help us learn
  • Excellence – We always do our best to reach high expectations
  • Determination – We never give up, even when something is difficult
  • Respect – We appreciate differences and take care of our environment
  • Inspiration – We use creativity to make learning fun
  • Compassion – We think of how our actions could affect others

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