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Tasaaga is a special primary school in rural Uganda. Neither a government state school nor a for-profit private school, Tasaaga provides quality education at a price the local community can afford. In Uganda, less than one in three children complete primary education, meaning the country has one of the highest rates of school drop outs in the world.

The school was set-up by Bruhan Miburu, a local Ugandan keen to offer the children of his community a better opportunity in life by giving them the skills they need to be self-reliant. 

Opened in 2008, the founding and building of the school was assisted by Robin Galan, who has supported the ongoing running of the school along with a international organisations and the charity Tasaaga USA. 

Tasaaga UK was created in 2018 by Robin Galan and Michael-George Hemus to support the school. We provide organisational and financial guidance to the school, oversee and organise major renovation work, promote the school and raise donations to fund its day-to-day running. 

The work of Tasaaga UK is vital to the continued success of Tasaaga School, helping teach the school the skills it needs to be fully self-financing by 2028. 


Tasaaga UK works closely with the director of Tasaaga School to help develop a long-term strategy that will increase the quality of the education provided, increase the number of pupils from 300 to 500 and ensure that the school continues to do its important work. 

We help the school director to plan for the future, as well as managing donations to make sure they are not misappropriated and go directly to pay the wages of the teachers. 

Tasaaga UK visits the school at least on a annual basis to observe the running and plan for the year ahead. We work with the school to make sure that the proper reporting and organisational structure is in place. 

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