TAF - The Animal Fund

TAF - The Animal Fund

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National - England



TAF - The Animal Fund is a non-profit organization aiming to raise awareness of the dangers facing our ocean and its marine life. 


TAF is registered as:

o An association under the law of Monaco since March 3rd 2015.

o An association under the law of France since July 26th 2017. 

o A charity (no. 1184860) in the UK since August 12th 2019.



The ocean and its marine life are facing increasingly severe anthropogenic threats. The ecosystems are under great pressure from: 

  • Overfishing practices, including by-catch of countless marine and terrestrial species;
  • Chemical and organic pollution;
  • Climate change-induced rising temperate levels and ocean acidification;
  • Sonar testing;
  • Whale and dolphin slaughter.


Our ultimate mission is to protect, help and save dolphins and whales which are victims of maltreatment, massacre, pollution, sonar testing and overfishing.


A healthy ocean supports numerous ecosystems and human existence.



TAF is a transparent organization where donations can be followed from A-Z. TAF is run entirely on volunteer labor. It is run by people who make quick, organized and strategic decisions. Moreover, TAF is comprised of a team of individuals with different cultures, backgrounds and work experiences who are united to exploit the diversity of its workforce.


INTERNALLY, we aim to:

  • Be honest, respectful and understandable in all its interactions;
  • Unite with co-workers and collaborators to fulfill its missions;
  • Promote its goals knowing that it can challenge the “system”;
  • Communicate its journey and seek aid for further progression;
  • Respect its limits within countries and their laws.


Our missions are currently achieved through campaigns, especially in:

  • Overfishing;
  • Plastic;
  • Cosmetics.


Our current focus is achieved by educating, raising awareness and acting in: 

  • Events
  • Presentations
  • Conferences
  • Publicity
  • Online Media

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