T smiles foundation CIC

T smiles foundation CIC

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Not for profit
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This CIC is a preventative intervention. Supporting children and families through grief and trauma - With particular focus on but not limited to lower income families that are unable to access support through lack of means. Services to include:

  •  mentoring packages/ therapeutic and creative expression- this will allow each individual the opportunity to acknowledge and express their feelings/emotions in a way that is completely tailored to them. Guiding and supporting them on their journey. - recognising that no one one will experience grief or trauma the same or for the same length of time, each experience is personal to them.
  • Group activities- Experiencing Grief and trauma can make you feel very isolated and lonely. Regular activities, will minimise these feelings. It will allow less room for unhealthy attachments, manipulation, grooming, decline in mental health. Bringing children and families together can initiate confidence building, build friendships and comfort knowing that you are not alone almost gaining an extended family of support.
  • Workshop programmes- Trauma can somewhat alter a persons outlook on life. Offering a variety of workshops can rebuild ones self esteem, self awareness and confidence. Learning life skills that can better equip them in healthy decision making, reducing the rate of inward and outward destruction. Building more resilient and all round healthier members of society.
  • In house Practical support package & befriending/buddying- Depression and anxiety often go hand in hand with traumatic experiences. Practical support will reduce the strain within the family dynamic. In some cases young children take on the role of carer.  Ultimately keep families stronger and together.
  • Workshop packages- This is aimed at educating the wider community on the subject of grief and trauma. Particularly provisions that work closely with children and families. 

The main goal is to:

  •  minimise long term mental health reducing the load on mental health services.  

However we aim to also target:

  • Reducing anti social behaviour
  • Reducing the rate of teen pregnancy


We are a newly established CIC finding our feet. Currently offering a free weekly "safe space" drop in for children and parents/carers experiencing grief or trauma. Marketing has begun and there is a great need for a service like this. The gap between a traumatic experience and then waiting for Mental health support  is too large, there needs to be an intervention before it gets there. With passionate and enthusiastic members on board along with funds we will be able to start rolling out these services, reaching as many vulnerable people as possible and make a lasting impact on this group of vulnerable individuals.

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