Synergy Dance Outreach

Synergy Dance Outreach

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  • Children / families
  • Learning disabilities / difficulties
  • Physical disabilities
  • Sports

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Synergy Dance Outreach is a charity which provides inclusive dance, fitness, yoga, wellness, singing and enrichment activities for children, teens and adults and seniors of all ages and abilities. We provide both standing and seated programmes, high and low impact.

We operate a wide range of Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) programs, and our instructors are specially trained to engage with vulnerable groups.

Our instructors are highly qualified and hand-picked for their expertise and ability to inspire and build confidence. We are on a mission to keep everyone active.

Synergy Dance® Outreach works to break down the barriers which prevent children and adults from taking part in an activity.


The Benefits

We know from feedback how our services improve:

– Physical and mental wellbeing– Building of confidence, resilience, self-belief, hope for the future– Increase endorphins and can help reduce/manage chronic pain, cortisol levels and associated stress/anxiety,– Emotional regulation, boosts the immune system,– Body/spatial awareness, balance, fitness, core strength, stamina, flexibility, motor skills and posture.

Classes enable learning teamwork, creative thinking/expression and empathy for others, help raise aspirations and improve empowerment through learning activities and tools to help control their own wellbeing.

Are you fully inclusive?

We offer partners the opportunity to be inclusive, offering diversity of choice from schools, to leisure chains to care homes. We support carers’ networks, local befriending and volunteering services and offer opportunities for people with SEND to build up their skills for leadership programmes and Levelling Up. SDO are also keen to provide work experience and placement opportunities for SEND young people.

We further connect with other organisations which support specific groups we are targeting – for example we are working with British Blind Sport, FND Hope UK, Active Surrey, Sport England, Everyone Active, Places for People, Freedom Leisure and are now celebrating some 60 or so partnerships.

We aim to be fully inclusive in all we do. We observe Safeguarding practice and the protection of children and adults within our activities.

Current opportunities

Surrey, GU29AF

Synergy Dance Outreach provides Inclusive dance, fitness & wellness activities for special educational needs and disabled children, teenagers...