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Sylva Foundation is an environmental charity based in Oxfordshire and working nationwide. It’s objective is to help UK woodland thrive;  for people, for nature and for the economy. Sylva believes that if everyone – of all ages – understands and experiences the real value of trees, woodland and woodland products they will help protect and nurture them. We are unique in our sector - small, agile and well-respected for our independence and expertise our core projects break new ground, challenge the status quo and create measurable impact.

Sylva believes sustainable improvement in the environment will come through well-informed collaboration, practical tools and shared learning. We work constructively with around 40 partners in the UK forestry sector including The Woodland Trust, RSPB, Forestry Commission, DEFRA and the Royal Forestry Society.

Our core programme, myForest, makes a significant impact on the sustainable management of nearly 60,000 hectares of woodland with over 3,500 woodland owners and managers using its tools. Almost 1,000 teachers and outdoor educators use the online resources of myForest Education, a variation on the core service, to help them introduce children to outdoor learning and the vital importance of trees and forests.

Healthy woodland has so many benefits; it cleans our air, supports wildlife, creates fertile soil, enhances valued landscapes and helps relieve flooding. It provides space for learning, employment and relaxation. And woods produce wood; for building, fuel, furniture and more. Woodland is better at providing these things than any other habitat and it is vitally important to us all. Improvement in the condition of Britain’s woodland delivers public benefits for everyone.


We have four programmes; Forestry, Science, Education and Wood. Our website gives full details of all four programmes and the projects involved in them.

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