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Switchback is an intensive rehabilitation programme that works in a distinctively intensive way to help 18-30 year old offenders (Trainees) make profound, long-lasting change after release.  Our mission is to change the way that Switchback Trainees think about and participate in society.  


The Switchback programme is centred on an unconditional, meaningful relationship between Switchback Mentor and Trainee that lasts as long as it takes. Our methods are careful and consistent whilst rolling with the ups and downs of real life. Switchback Mentors are not volunteers. They are full-time, paid and highly skilled. They each work with a small caseload and they must be willing to become the most important person in a Trainee’s life whilst also working towards that no longer being the case. We encourage and challenge Trainees to take control and make a more stable life for themselves no matter how slow or difficult this might be. It is not easy but it does work.


Our objectives are to:


  • Support Trainees to create and maintain stable lifestyles after release from prison.
  • Make employment a realistic option for Trainees. We use catering as a vehicle to participation in society.  The aim is that Trainees move on and settle into work or education in any field.
  • Reduce the re-offending rates of Trainees to less than 15%.

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