The Swan Project

The Swan Project

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  • Substance misuse

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The SWAN Project is aimed at empowering the personal recovery and growth of any person who is committed to either reducing their drinking or abstinence, in a way which helps the individual to connect to their environment.

The SWAN Project is a support and stabilization project for people who want to change their drinking pattern.   It is run from a counselling and psychotherapy centre. It is funded by the user, the users' employers or Social Services.  



The SWAN Project provides counselling and support to individuals for whom alcohol and other substance dependencies are having an adverse effect on their life. The SWAN project has a policy of never turning down a client whom it believes it can help. In addition, over time we have built a proportion of clients accessing the service who do not have addictions specifically, but who are desperate for support.

Over the years, the SWAN Project has helped hundreds of clients with alcohol and other substance problems.

1-1 Counselling

We offer long-term, low-cost counselling for people suffering from addiction, but we don't turn anyone away who is in need of therapy.


We provide an informed and supportive group environment to enable an individual to withdraw from alcohol safely and to enable individuals to make informed choices about their life-style.



We aim to provide information regarding all aspects of physical health.  Light exercise is encouraged and incorporated into our programme. This leads on to a fuller physical awareness through bodywork.  


In the group we explore how emotions can enrich and can be channelled to become positive aspects of our day to day lives, for example, how anger can act as a defence when we are feeling vulnerable.  We provide sessions on anger management, relapse prevention, self-esteem, stress management /relaxation techniques, how to become more assertive, communication skills, understanding our emotions and improving relationships.


We aim to encourage connectedness to nature, the environment and the individual’s inner peace and harmony.  Relaxation is also an integral part of the day programme.  We also have an allotment which clients are encouraged to use either for relaxation or for growing produce.

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