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Sustainable Thornton Heath is for anyone and everyone in Thornton Heath, and in fact we do not put up hard boundaries, so in reality welcome anyone so long as they appreciate that is out focus is on our town so that we are focused and can engage people local more easily.

Our primary activity remains our regular 'Pop-up Sustainable Living Hubs', which are now bi-monthly events that take place in our town.  These events are free to enter and virtually everything inside is free too.  This includes: help with repairs of electronics & electricals; help with cycle repairs; help with learning how to mend your own clothes; energy advice; plants-based diet advice; activities, workshops and demonstrations on a changing, exciting topic (e.g. art, growing, crafts, upcycling, story-telling etc); items swap; food growing & greening info, advice & inputs (such as seeds, seedlings); ethical financial services rankings & info, thanks to Ethical Consumer magazine; unwanted tech drop-off point; 'Family Zone' with activities & learning opportunities for kids & adults alike.  The only things that visitors have to pay for, are refreshments and refills of popular bodycare & cleaning products.

In between these bi-monthly hubs we also continue to run our Restart repair parties, where people can get their electricals & electronics repaired for free.

We also run a community scheme where coffee grounds get collected from local coffee shops and distributed to various local green spaces to boost compost production and soil health.

We also give talks to local interested groups, such as churches, other civil society organisations and the Rotary Club, as well as running information stalls at local events.

Our regular hubs and repair parties in particular provide lots of benefits to our town, the vast majority of which is also free.  The events themselves are also very welcoming and friendly events, and we get lots of regular and repeat visitors, as well as new faces.  These events deliver economic benefit, social benefit as well as environmental benefit of course.  We also provide volunteering opportunities for MENCAP volunteers.


1) Bi-monthly 'Pop-up Sustainable Living Hubs' as described at length previously.

2) Monthly Restart repair parties.

3) Community scheme for collection of waste coffee grounds from coffee shops in the town, and distribution of them to local green spaces.

4) Stalls at local events.

5) Talks at local churches and civil society groups,

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