Survivors of Sexual Abuse Anonymous

Survivors of Sexual Abuse Anonymous

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  • Community safety / victim support / domestic violence
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Survivors of Sexual Abuse Anonymous (SoSAA) exists to empower adult survivors of sexual abuse to make positive changes for life.

Our focus is on running peer-to-peer groups for men and women survivors who are 18+, using an adapted version of the Alcoholics Anonymous 12-step framework. We welcome people from any and all cultural, social and ethnic backgrounds, from all faiths and none.

According to the NSPCC, nearly 1 in 4 adults in the UK has experienced sexual abuse by the age of 24.1 This suggests a total adult survivor population numbering many millions. Our vision is for a SoSAA group to be available to every adult in the UK affected by sexual abuse. We are also focused on ending the stigma of sexual abuse.

SoSAA groups are ongoing, free and accessible any time, but their real strength is that they empower survivors to begin and maintain their own recovery. Through peer-to-peer support, members find hope, recovery and community - we welcome anyone who needs a safe space to unload the burden of their abuse.

We work in partnership with charities and publicly-funded services for abuse victims, counselling services, and others to establish SoSAA groups. We are also developing networks with healthcare professionals and police, among others, to develop the referral pathways and build understanding of SoSAA’s offer.


Our focus is on running peer-to-peer support groups for survivors

 After much research we have found that a number of peer support groups exist for survivors. Unfortunately these groups tend to be short term and professionally-led, not peer-led, including a few, isolated groups that have adapted the 12-step programme for survivors of sexual abuse. Very few are ongoing, which means that relationships are short term.

Our view, based on analysis of groups already available, from running SoSAA groups ourselves, and from the number and nature of enquiries we receive, is that there is huge appetite for groups which:

  • provide peer-to-peer support - survivors helping themselves and each other;
  • are ongoing - allowing survivors time to build trust and relationships in a safe community, and providing support over years, not just over a few weeks or months;
  • follow a trusted, familiar programme - many survivors have experienced 12- steps via other organisations and trust the programme’s reputation as tried and tested.


This makes SoSAA groups a compelling offer to survivors looking for support they can trust and rely on, and a safe environment to find community and to work through the consequences of their abuse.


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