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The team at Survive knows the devastating impact sexual violence can have on a person, their relationships and their ability to reach their potential. As the voice of survivors, we will challenge myths about sexual violence. We will strive to raise awareness in all communities of the signs, prevalence and impact of sexual violence including that which occurs between those who are or have been intimate partners. We will educate those in authority, in communities and in institutions to help them understand the pain of sexual trauma, the term we use to describe the long term effects of sexual violence, so that they put survivor support and care high on their agendas


Survive offers 1:1 counselling, trauma therapy, support work, group sessions and an anonymous helpline to support survivors and their families in a number of different ways.

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North Yorkshire, YO1 6JH

If you are passionate about survivors of sexual trauma having access to our specialist services to help them rebuild their lives, relationships...