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Our beneficiaries are parents and SEND professionals who seek to exchange knowledge and information about the legal frameworks and jurisdictions that parents and carers of SEND CYP have to navigate to enable them to access their legal right to an education.
How our organisation helps is by providing free online resources including a Q&A platform, a series of "No Nonsense" Guides to the law and access to a community of SEND professionals including lawyers. 

Our impact can be seen from the response of some of the parents using the site whilst navigating the legal processes around their child. 

For example Cherry, who told us that after accessing support on our site: 

"Not only did the LA agree to pay my mileage costs, but the Head of the Transport Team rang me to say that because of my email (which was based on advice I’d received on your site) he'd ordered a review of all previous cases involving transport costs and EOTAS. I was genuinely moved to know that other parents had benefited, and I thought you should know that too as I think my case fulfils the vision and mission of your organisation perfectly.  I have spent thousands on legal fees in appealing an EHCP and have had to dig very deep mentally to endure the last 12 months of battling with the LA simply to get what my daughter is legally entitled to. Your site, which I only found in July, provided a quick solution to yet another hurdle the LA had thrown up in front of me.  My battle still isn’t over and I have just in fact posted another question on your site but knowing there are people out there fighting the good fight is very empowering. Thank you."

Our approach of sharing information once to many can have an outsize effect as the feedback from Cherry, and so many more like her, feedback shows.


  • We run webinars with SEND lawyers and barristers
  • Our SEND lawyers and barristers answer Q&A on the site
  • We are publishing legal guides as a series to support parents and practitioners 
  • We are developing training for lawyers who want to support pro bono
  • We are building community and sharing accurate and useful information about SEND law and related jurisdictions (for example, Disability Discrimination and Exclusions) - all in the pipeline.

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