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Sunny Harbour Cat Rescue (Scottish Charity No SC041871) was formed to ease the suffering of abandoned and stray cats and kittens in and around Edinburgh and Fife. We are a small, family run cat rescue who dedicate our efforts to promoting good welfare practices for cats and to helping those cats and kittens in our care back to health, so that we may find them a new loving forever home.

Our core focus is those cats living stray on the streets, the sick, injured and infirm who need special care to heal. We specialise in the hand rearing of infant and orphaned kittens and are on hand to offer advice on any aspects of cat care to the public through our Cat Care Advice Line and our Cat Care Centre.

During any one year we can rescue and rehome up to 200 cats and kittens and provide Trap Neuter Release (TNR) services in problem areas around East Central Scotland where the number of feral cats is causing problems for local communities through noise, fighting and pestering the local community for food. 

Performing TNR services not only increases the health and welfare of the cats involved but also provides a more peaceful, harmonious living environment for both cats and the local residents.  Thus reducing tensions through bringing the population of feral cats under control and eradicating problem behaviours such as cats fighting, spraying around gardens and generally being a nuisance for food and shelter. 

We are a small charity with a BIG heart and work round the clock to provide better lives for not only cats but the local communities in which they reside. 


Sunny Harbour Cat Rescue provide a number of services and in order to deliver these we have a wide range of activities we have to deal with on a daily basis including, but not limited to;

  • Operating a Cat Care Advice Line between 10am and 6pm daily.
  • Providing a Walk In Centre for the public to visit for advice on caring for their cat, dealing with a stray or feral cat Monday to Friday 11am to  5pm. 
  • Providing low cost Microchipping and Grooming services to the public.  Particularly aimed at low income families to assist them in meeting current animal welfare legislation, in the case of dogs, and to improve the quality of life for animals throughout the region. 
  • Delivering TNR services throughout East Central Scotland to help control feral cat colonies by stabilising the population and removing problem behaviours through neutering to improve the community for local residents and the cats. 
  • Providing rescue services for sick or stray injured cats, providing veterinary care and rehabilitation services for them and then sourcing new family homes for each cat or kitten. 

In order to deliver these services the charity requires to secure funding throughout the year and we do this in a number of ways including, but not limited to;

  • Generating donation income through the adoption of rehabilitated cats and kittens. 
  • Selling merchandise and cat related goods through our physical shop and through our website shop. 
  • Attending local events such as fete's talking to the public about the services we can provide to help them whilst fundraising through table top activities.
  • Use of Social Media to raise awareness.
  • Running Online and Text Donation Services
  • Networking with local businesses.
  • Running Planned Events such as Fairs and Dance Nights.
  • Recycling Schemes.
  • Utilising eBay to maximise return on donated goods. 
  • Creating and selling our own printed goods each year such as Xmas Cards and Calendars. 


Sunny Harbour Cat Rescue is a dedicated and exceptionally hard working organisation who always seek the added value that dedicated, passionate volunteers can bring to the charity in sharing ideas, knowledge and promoting the animal welfare message. 

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