Stroud Community Agriculture

Stroud Community Agriculture

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Society, cooperative or credit union
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Stroud Community Agriculture Ltd is a community supported organic / biodynamic farm which is run by and for its members. Like other members of the CSA network its main aim is to build a community around the production of food. As well as producing local organic food we also offer our members and the local polpulation a green place to be for their own weelbeeing. We host a number of seasonal events throughout the year with and for our members. We host a number of volunteer positions that are both an integral part of the organisation and offer local people an oppertunity to get involved in social enterpise, gardening, ecology, animal care, local economy and cooporative administration.


Stroud Community Agriculture produces organic vegetables for about 250 members who pay a monthly share of the produce, a weekly vegetable box, thus guaranteeing the growers and farmers a fair and stable income. Meat is for sale from a small heard of rear breed animals. We manage about 40 acres of land of market garden and pasture with sustainable organic standards.

  1. The objects of the Society are.
    1. To farm in a way that enhances biodiversity and reduces our carbon emissions.
    2. To develop a sense of community around the production of our food.
    3. To ensure our farmers have a decent livelihood and can afford to live in Stroud District.
    4. To continue to pioneer a new economic model based on mutual benefit and shared risk.
    5. To offer opportunities for learning, therapy and re-connecting with the life of the earth.
    6. To practice organic and biodynamic agriculture.
    7. To be inclusive in welcoming people from any background or situation, including those with low or no income.
    8. To encourage members, in co-operation with the farmers, to use the farm for their individual and social activities and celebrations.
    9. To be transparent in all our affairs. To make decisions on the basis of consensus wherever possible. To strive towards social justice.
    10. To network with others to promote community supported agriculture to other communities and farms and share our learning (both economic and farming).
    11. To work co-operatively with other enterprises that share our principles.

Current opportunities

Gloucestershire, GL6 7QW

SCA is a community supported organic/biodynamic farm which is run by and for its members, producing vegetables and pasture fed meat & building...