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Stroud Commons

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Small or unincorporated organisation
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1. Residents of Stroud with a particular focus on those people that experience barriers to accessing high quality goods and services and decision making opportunities.

2. Independent business owners of Stroud.

3. Communities (residents and independent business owners) outside of Stroud that may wish to emulate this approach.

Services we provide:

1. To support the development of sector-specific groups (housing, land, water, energy, leisure, health, education, etc), offering guidance and services to achieve the above aims in their respective sector groups.

2. To develop and test a governance approach, using the Commons Principles that can be emulated by the sector-specific groups in Stroud

3. To develop, test and document our approach and our learning around areas such as funding, communications, community codesign, etc. in order that they can be emulated by other communities in the UK and wider

4. To create and make freely available, some blueprints and templates of key documents, approaches, websites etc. to support other communities that wish to emulate this approach.


Community-owned, crowd-funded infrastructure, goods and services enable economic and social capital to accumulate within the community. This abundance built on social solidarity becomes the foundation of community resilience and cohesion.


We currently support the development of 3 sector-specific groups in climbing, housing, land/water. Providing community governance training, strategic advice, expertise and networks. We provide talks in multiple towns across England and Wales to give an insight into how we started and what we have learnt so that they can start their own commoning process.

We are interviewing academics and engineers working in commoning and related areas to build an accessible manual for every sector as well as building an AI chatbot for commons FAQ that is contextual, engaging and interactive. Course development to train people who want to implement it in their towns is in the pipeline. 

Current opportunities

We believe commoning is one powerful way to build community resilience in time. But we need your help in writing accessible manuals that every...