Straw-bale Building UK (SBUK)

Straw-bale Building UK (SBUK)

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  • Campaigning
  • Climate action
  • Environment
  • Health and well being / research and care
  • Housing and homelessness
  • Training / employment support
  • Young people

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Society, cooperative or credit union
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National - Britain


Strawbale Building UK (SBUK) advocates for natural materials to be used in mainstream construction to build more energy efficient, healthier buildings and to radically reduce carbon emissions. Currently, the construction industry is one of the worst carbon emitters. Natural building materials provide highly efficient non-toxic insulation and, in the case of strawbales, uses an agricultural waste by-product that sequesters carbon.

SBUK wishes to change perspectives that straw-bale buildings are only for hippy ‘hobbit’ houses, when in fact many modern, and old, buildings are built from straw-bales.

Our organisation is developing a UK training programme for experienced and new builders that is also aimed at encouraging younger generations and women to enter 'greener' construction.

SBUK comprises of some of the UK’s leading experts in building and scientific research who are advocating for policy and buildings regs. to be updated and for local authorities, the private building and insurance/ mortgage sectors to use more sustainable building materials.

We are looking for a web design/ graphic design volunteer to help refresh our current WordPress website.


Our board members are involved in the research and production of pioneering technical guides that are made available to the public and which are starting to impact the viability and design of natural building materials within the UK's mainstream construction industry.

We host regular online public presentations that showcases the most current research and methodologies and that are regularly attended by our members, partner organisations (i.e. Architect Climate Action Network; Centre for Alternative Technology), students and members of the public (i.e. self-builders). Equally, we are often approached by architectural students and media for advice.

An annual gathering is held for all interested parties whether they be small natural building businesses and suppliers, self-builders and enthusiasts and that, post-Covid, we hope to resume.

SBUK is currently developing a UK training programme for experienced builders to upgrade their skills, but which is also aimed at encouraging young people and women to enter a 'greener' construction industry.

SBUK is already experiencing a significant increase of interest from the broader public with regards to retrofitting, insulation, energy efficiency and the potentiality of using healthier, low or zero carbon materials. We anticipate this drive from the wider public to grow and are looking to refresh the design and accessibility of our website.

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