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Here at Stick 'n' Step we believe in doing one thing and doing it well. And our one thing is supporting children and young people with cerebral palsy and their families.

​We offer free weekly group conductive education sessions to children and young people from across the North West. Delivered from our specialised centres in Wirral and Cheshire, the sessions are designed to help each child to reach their personal potential in terms of their confidence, mobility and independence.

Every child works towards their own set of personalised goals which are all designed to translate into movements, techniques and strategies that will help in real life.

​From moving around independently, to improving self-feeding; and learning to use the toilet on their own to tying shoelaces - everything we do is designed to reduce each child's dependency on other people, and to give them the best chances of living a full and independent life.



We provide free conductive education sessions.

Conductive education is about active learning. Stick ‘n’ Step sessions incorporate play and music into structured routines to develop functional skills. Children and young people are motivated by working alongside their peers in a positive environment and are empowered to achieve realistic goals that are specific and relevant to them. 

At Stick ‘n’ Step we support the whole family. Regular attendance at our centre means that parents and extended family have the opportunity to meet others in a similar situation and they benefit from regular respite time whilst their children develop in the classroom.

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