Stephen Cox Garden Trust

Stephen Cox Garden Trust

At a glance


  • Animals / wildlife
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Gardens and parks
  • Training / employment support
  • Young people

Other details

Geographical remit: 


A. General Public Benefit

i) By helping people learn about and appreciate their local landscape and wildlife.

ii) By providing study courses and training placements, workshops,

iii) By having open days as and when circumstances permit.

iv) By teaching skills on horticulture and conservation.

v) By providing a garden for study, etc.

vi) By raising awareness of conservation methods & needs in domestic gardens.

vii) By offering free access to the private reference library to individual scholars and students by appointment.

viii) By working with charitable & governmental agencies (such as those helping people overcome their barriers to education and employment; young offender reparation, etc).


B. Individual Benefits

(i) By providing skills to individuals. This will also: (a) enhance social, communication, leadership and teamanship skills, and (b) improve career prospects and strengthen their stake in society.

(ii) By helping individual scholars with research projects.

(iii) By helping local students with their studies via access to our library.

(iv) By enriching the living experience of individuals via deeper understanding of horticulture, wildlife, social responsibility, citizenship, landscape and local traditions, environment & conservation.

(v) By offering skills and insights into: horticulture, conservation, art & design, history, crafts & d.i.y.

(vi) By providing residential study placements for European students froage 18-27.


1. To maintain and improve the garden and its plant collections.

2. To develop new projects and facilities therein.

3. As and when finances circumstances permit offer: (i)Open days. (ii)Lectures/events 

4. To encourage lectures & talks on relevant subjects.

5. To encourage activities for The Friends of the Garden.

6. To run wildlife workshops for local people when circumstances permit.

7. To provide training & study Placements for young persons to learn gardening skills & wildlife care, and tuition in related subjects.

8. To help raise public awareness of wildlife issues & encourage others to cherish landscape and wildlife.

9. To help facilitate educational publications on subjects relevant to the Trust.

10. To encourage awareness of the spiritual garden philosophy of Stephen Cox.

11. To conserve the teachings and writings of Stephen Cox.

12. To undertake research of specialist topics.

13. To be an educational resource for the local community.

14. To nurture a love of Nature, Wildlife and Gardening for local people, and the public in general.

15. To develop wildlife habitats/sanctuaries in the garden and to encourage the same in the local community.

16. To also undertake wildlife audits in the garden and the local environment and lodge sightings with Wiltshire Biological Records Office.

17. To maintain and extend the Library .

18. To maintain a publicly accessible Website.

19. To undertake other educational and cultural activities and events providing these in no way contradict the ethos of the trust and do not involve financial risk or liability.

20. To provide a teaching resource for local young people wherein the values of : education, self-improvement, community & citizenship, heritage & traditions, responsibility to the environment, protection of other creatures can be conveyed.


Activities To Achieve Goals

  1. To encourage individual donations from the public
  2. To offer access for private visiting groups with voluntary entry donations
  3. Modest plant sales
  4. To seek business sponsorship and donations
  5. To apply for grants
  6. To have a subscription society called The Garden Friends.
  7. Fund raising events and occassional publication of small books.


Means to Achieve Goals and Activities

  1. Designate the Founder as 'C.E.O. responsible for day to day running of the garden & the Trust.
  2. For Stewards to be appointed ad hoc to voluntarilly.
  3. For Assistants/Specialists to be appointed ad hoc to voluntarilly help run and teach the workshops, wildlife audits etc.
  4. For individual Students age 18+ to be appointed ad hoc as Garden Volunteers to help maintain the garden whilst also receiving free of charge tuition and training.
  5. For other part time and voluntary persons over the age of 18 to be appointed as voluntary Staff/Officers to run specialist events, projects, or generally help as the need arises.
  6. To create residential study placements for students age 18-27 from various countries.

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