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Social enterprise
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National - Britain


The Step Up Network was founded in 2022 and launched in 2023. We held a virtual launch event on Saturday 10th June 2023 with 14 different speakers and the event attracted over 250 views. We have surveyed our community upon joining our network mailing list (of which we have 120 people on the list), in order to inform our network activity. The network committee (of nine volunteers, and a wider team of seven more volunteers) met for a strategy day a week after our launch event to strategically plan our next three years and to operationally plan the current academic year.

We launched our website on 1st June 2023, which has included regular blogs, a leadership directory and we are in the process of planning our podcast launch.



  • Strategy
  • Impact
  • Volunteers
  • Marketing and Publicity
  • Finance
  • Governance and Compliance



  • Face-to-face events (Lead Meets)
  • Virtual events (Webinars)
  • Social Events (Socials)



  • Leadership Directory
  • Coaching
  • Training
  • Diversity & Inclusion Bursaries



  • Social Media (Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Website
  • Newsletters
  • Blog
  • Jobs Board
  • Podcast



  • Partners and Sponsors
  • Network Collaborations
  • Education Collaborations

Current opportunities

Step Up Network CIC are looking for passionate volunteers to support and help grow our presence through social media management. Join us to...

We are seeking a volunteer with experience of fundraising, bid-writing and sponsorships to support and lead on the financial viability of our...