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Stay Up Late

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  • Campaigning
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  • Learning disabilities / difficulties
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National - Britain


We’re a grassroots charity that enables adults with learning disabilities and autistic people to lead active social lives and make decisions about how they want to live their life. We work to erode social isolation and campaign to challenge limiting social care practices.

We have a great reputation for makings happen and practicing what we preach when it comes to enabling people with learning disabilities to lead great lives.

Through our innovative Gig Buddies project we have supported many hundreds of people with learning disabilities to make new friends, become part of their community and lead good lives. We have done this through running Gig Buddies across Sussex and sharing it across the country and internationally.

Last year we were recognised with the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service.


Campaigning nationally

Campaigning to end inflexible support systems that prevent people with learning disabilities from leading the lives they want.

Gig Buddies Sussex

Our volunteer befriending project which matches socially isolated and lonely people with a learning disability with a volunteer buddy who shares the same interests as them. The idea is to use mainstream culture as a way to build ongoing and lasting friendships.

Gig Buddies in a Box

Such has been the interest in our Gig Buddies project that we have now licenced it in over 20 locations in 7 countries.

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