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Mission Statement

“The more accessible the bar is, the better it is able to represent the society it serves”

BSB Director of Strategy and Policy – Ewen MacLeod.


At State2Bar, we believe that you can pursue and attain a successful career at the bar regardless of your educational background. State2Bar was created to reduce the stark social mobility gap in the legal industry. We, therefore, aim to increase accessibility to the bar for state-educated students through advocacy, collaborative working, financial support and community.


Our Support

In order to support those who are state-educated in entering the bar, State2Bar has identified four key areas that will help increase accessibility to the bar:


1. Education

Webinars and employability sessions held in universities and schools targeted at increasing knowledge about entry to the bar and the barrister profession.

2. Experience

Workshops, advocacy and public speaking opportunities aimed at increasing the confidence and work experience of our targeted groups.

3. Networking

Community events created to support young people and create the opportunity for relationship building.

4. Financial Support

At S2B we recognise that educational events might not be enough to support our targeted groups fully, that is why we are committed to providing financial support to increase employability and accessibility through paid work experiences and bursaries to support students in attaining workwear, transport and accommodation to mini-pupillages, as well as stationery.

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We believe that every individual should have an equal opportunity to pursue a fulfilling career at the bar, and that the legal profession should...

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