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Educational body
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National - England



We aspire to create outstanding organisations that promote educational excellence, character development and service to communities.


Nurturing Today’s Young People, Inspiring Tomorrow’s Leaders

Our vision is wide-ranging.  It encompasses aspiration, educational excellence, system leadership, social mobility and cohesion.

We aim to:

  • Transform the educational achievement of the nation’s young people, schools and academies
  • Elevate the life chances of young people in areas of social and economic deprivation – from all backgrounds – to help them succeed at the highest levels of education, employment and the professions
  • Lead a national drive based on rigour and high expectations designed to improve school standards
  • Provide more choice for parents by offering them the  chance to send their children to an inspirational school
  • Ensure ambition and high aspirations are rewarded through all our schools
  • Make a demonstrable impact on social mobility and equality in communities that have called out for change for so long
  • Create a diverse network of faith and non-faith schools, ensuring every child has access to a first-rate education that embodies opportunity for all

In doing so we will nurture today’s young people and inspire tomorrow’s leaders.


  • Service – Being a responsible citizen in our community.
  • Teamwork – Working together for excellence.
  • Ambition – Aspiring to be our best.
  • Respect – Treating others as we wish to be treated.


All our work is structured under three overarching priorities:

  • Educational excellence.
  • Operational excellence.
  • A strong Star community.


The Star Pledges of Excellence set out our commitment to our parents, communities, employees and schools.

Star Pledge to Parents

  • We will ensure an inclusive school culture, which promotes happiness, in which your child can focus on learning, thrive personally, socially and academically and grow into a respectful, confident British citizen.
  • We will deliver a high-powered, knowledge-based academic curriculum with a strong core of literacy, numeracy, and digital education which prepares your child for the next stage in their education and future career.
  • We will provide your child with excellent teaching from well-qualified, well-trained and motivated staff who continue to benefit from high-quality professional development
  • We will challenge your child to achieve the best possible standards, supporting them using evidence-based interventions if they fall behind.
  • We will engage your child in a rich and diverse leadership programme that grows character and inspires charitable and social action.
  • We will invite, listen and respond to your feedback so that we can work in partnership to ensure your child is happy at school and achieves their best.

Star Pledge to the Community

  • We will provide schools of premier standard to foster and meet the community’s high aspirations.
  • We will recruit pupils from local and surrounding neighbourhoods and ensure they achieve the best possible grades to spur social mobility.
  • We will encourage our pupils, staff and stakeholders to volunteer their time and talents in the local community.
  • We will support levelling up by providing civic leadership and practical assistance to overcome barriers to young people’s achievement.
  • We will recruit local governors and establish powerful partnerships with local agencies, working collaboratively to improve lives.
  • We will foster social cohesion by making our facilities available for use by our neighbours.

Star Pledge to Employees

  • We will provide a modern and safe environment that supports your health, happiness and wellbeing, and encourages you to enjoy your work, feel valued, and achieve your best.
  • We will enable your professional autonomy while providing you with direction and support to understand, own and fulfil Star’s objectives.
  • We will enable you to pursue a career pathway through access to development opportunities whereby you can learn from the best in the sector and from evidence-based frameworks.
  • We will facilitate your participation in team, charitable and volunteering opportunities to promote social responsibility and civic leadership.
  • We will reward you fairly and provide you with employee benefits and terms and conditions that match or exceed national agreements.
  • We will seek your feedback and use it to inform our ongoing development as an outward-facing organisation.

Star pledge to Schools

  • We will embrace you within our universal vision of nurturing today’s young people and inspiring tomorrow’s leaders.
  • We will provide high-quality governance and support to secure rapid school improvement.
  • We will provide excellent business services that enable you to focus on improving experiences and outcomes for young people.
  • We will engage you in a collaborative approach to policy and systems development, welcoming your views to strengthen the Star family.
  • We will invest in the wellbeing and continuous development of your staff and governors.
  • We will help you to make a valuable civic impact on the community you serve.

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