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  • Community safety / victim support / domestic violence
  • Women

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National - England


Our mission is to help women and girls who have been abused and bullied get back up their feet, achieve their full potential and sTandTall. We do this by providing help in order to break the cycle of abuse; we want to work with schools to educate children on abuse and bullying in order to decrease the number of incidents in the future; we help women and girls who are experiencing abuse by connecting them with local charity professionals who can provide support; we want to build a holistic home where women can come after they've been abused and receive training (professional, therapy, skills) to overcome their trauma and stand tall again. 

Our help matters because 1 in 3 women in the UK go through abuse. We want survivors to be able to live a fulfilled life after experiencing such trauma, and most NHS resources don't focus on the aftermath of abuse but rather on immediate help if someone is in danger. 


We aim to help 350,000 (from Jan 2018) women over the next 3 years through sTandTall Online platform, sTandTall education programme and sTandTall holistic centres.

We are partnering with local abuse charities to provide this service, supporting existing charities and the work they do. In order to raise awareness for the cause, we hope to run fundraisers, campaigns, and educate people through our social media channels. 

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