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Stand and Be Counted Theatre Ltd

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  • Arts
  • Refugees / migrants

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Not for profit
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National - England



The advancement of the arts, culture and heritage for public benefit through the provision of :

  • a. the production, promotion and presentation of public performances of drama, dance, music, comedy, film, digital media and other art forms;
  • b. the public presentation, broadcast, or distribution of artistic and cultural exhibitions, programmes and publications; and
  • c. the provision of public classes, workshops, lectures and other educational and training events;

particularly but not exclusively where such work is partly or wholly created by, with, about, or otherwise for the benefit of persons with lived experience of migration from the countries of their origin or domicile by reason of war, hostility, persecution, oppression,  discrimination, climate change, natural disasters or similar causes, and their families and dependents; or where such work raises public awareness of the issues affecting people with lived experience of migration, both generally and in relation to their social exclusion.

Stand & Be Counted exists to enable people seeking sanctuary to access high quality arts training, opportunities and employment in order to generate a better understanding of, and welcome for, people building a new life here in the UK.

Stand & Be Counted create partnerships and opportunities that generate welcoming environments for people seeking sanctuary to share their skills, stories and successes. We make work that educates, entertains and empowers collaborators and audiences locally, nationally and internationally


Stand & Be Counted delivers an ambitious and wide ranging programme that focuses on three key activity strands:

Live and Digital Making and Performance
The company’s core ambition is to co-create empowering, urgent and adventurous theatre and digital productions and experiences.
People seeking sanctuary are at the centre of the making and delivery of every project, from initial conception and development through to creation and presentation.

Sector Leadership and Advocacy
We support and challenge organisations and artists nationwide to understand and prioritise the needs of people seeking sanctuary in  their work. We provide training and resources and collaborate with a wide range of partners to ensure safe, accessible and relevant
opportunities are available right across the country.

Talent Development and Learning
We create routes into the industry for people seeking sanctuary. We support people to develop their passions and skills as participants, artists and leaders, generating opportunities to pursue and build sustainable careers in the arts.

People seeking sanctuary are at the heart of each strand of activity ensuring we remain consistently relevant and led by lived experience at all times. Each activity intersects with the other to strengthen and support long term impacts, actively developing people seeking sanctuary as Participants, Artists and Leaders.

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