Stakeholder Democracy Network

Stakeholder Democracy Network

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Stakeholder Democracy Network (SDN) was established as a non-governmental not-for-profit organisation in 2004 with the mission to support the efforts of those affected by extractive industries and weak governance through rights-based community empowerment. We strive to protect human rights and demand responsive governance.

Our vision is one of a new global economic and social contract, which corrects the asymmetry of power in negotiating social contracts between stakeholders in the global economy. Our vision is one that ensures basic rights – including economic and social development – are not sacrificed in one part of the world to the benefit of another.

Our mission is to support the efforts of those affected by extractive industries and weak governance through rights-based community empowerment. We strive to protect human rights and demand responsive governance.


Our community-led initiatives improve the positioning power of citizens and strengthen the capacity of media and civil society to discuss challenges to national development in a politically neutral forum. An intelligent and energetic local team with a wealth of experience working at the grassroots leads our direction as an organisation.

In parallel, advocacy campaigns and direct engagements improve dialogue between political representatives and citizens through mechanisms of downward-facing accountability. Our experience living and working in the local context is constantly reflected on and analysed in detail, communicated through our research publications that often focus on pragmatic and positive solutions sensitive to the complex nuances of the Nigerian culture and political system.

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