At a glance


  • Black, asian and minority ethnic groups
  • Children / families
  • Education
  • Faith and ethics
  • Financial inclusion
  • Health and well being / research and care
  • Learning disabilities / difficulties
  • Local / community
  • Mental health
  • Older people / later life
  • Physical disabilities
  • Poverty relief
  • Refugees / migrants
  • Training / employment support
  • Women

Other details

Geographical remit: 


St Peter’s Centre is located in Hillfields and over the past 14 years has served as the main hub for the local community in St Michael Ward. We provide a myriad of services to all sections of the community in a deprived area of the city. We create a positive social, educational and cultural environment aiming through activities to improve the quality of life for local residents. We let offices and rooms to organisations that support the most vulnerable people in the community therefore we actively attract people who are experiencing multiple disadvantages. A core part of our operations is working collaboratively over 50 community groups.

A not-for-profit autonomous organisation the Centre’s governance structure is based on social ownership. The trustees are volunteers with a wide range of skills and expertise, ranging from local knowledge to accountancy and management skills. 


We work in collaboration with a number of agencies to:

  • Support members of our local community
  • Contribute directly to identifying and alleviating local poverty
  • Help people make positive changes in their lives
  • Provide an affordable space for community and family groups to meet


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