St. Mark's Hospital Foundation

St. Mark's Hospital Foundation

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National - Britain


To fund research, education and clinical excellence at St Mark's Hospital, Harrow.


We obtain funding from a number of sources including major donors, patients, commuity fundraisers and trusts and foundations. We then give funding to research projects and to the academic institute.

Fundraising initiatives:
We’re currently organising a Launch Reception and Major Donor Dinner at the Serpentine Gallery, Hyde Park, taking place this summer. It is anticipated that will generate massive amounts of support and awareness of the Hospital. 
Alongside fundraising events which are larger, such as the above, we also run many smaller community events such as Golf Days, Dinners, Awareness days, fairs and more throughout London and other locations in the UK. 

Medial Projects:
A few examples of our current work include Tissue Engineering, which involves creating a scaffold for tissue to grow in to a new Human Bowel and, eventually, be transplanted in to patients with Intestinal Failure or who have had parts of their bowel removed. 

We also have other projects such as FLEX which is a surgical technique that aims to be less invasive, with less of the Bowel being removed. This improves recovery times and, therefore, patient outcomes. 

We also have the Academic Institute, which runs a number of courses throughout the year to disseminate the expert knowledge of the Hospital world-wide.  

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