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St Germain’s Wellbeing was launched by members of St Germains church team with mental health counselling and CBT experience in May 2020 to help provide early, open access mental health support to the community based out of our North Edgbaston site. Since then we have continued to grow, and have now reached over 1,000 individuals with one-to-one and drop in mental health support. 

St Germain's Wellbeing is an early intervention, open access mental health service that aims to:

  • Help members of our community develop emotional wellbeing through the use of a guided self-help model that teaches solution-focused coping skills and strategies
  • Reduce the stigma attached to mental health support by providing help in a welcoming, community based environment
  • Ensure that people get help at their time of need, providing easy access support that reduces the risk of self-harm
  • Reduce pressure on secondary services by providing an early intervention that can prevent the escalation of needs


St Germain’s Wellbeing provides adults in Birmingham and the surrounding areas with free, short term, community based emotional wellbeing support. We deliver three main types of service:

  1. One to one guided self-help sessions. Our Emotional Wellbeing Practitioners deliver 3 to 5 one to one self-help sessions drawing on cognitive behavioural techniques, giving service users tools to manage their own mental health. These sessions are targeted at people facing common mental health problems like anxiety and depression.
  1. Drop-in listening support. Our Listening Volunteers and Emotional Wellbeing Practitioners provide a safe space to discuss mental health at our Community Café on Mondays. For people who might struggle with appointments we provide help with emotional and practical problems. At our drop in we partner with several organisations, including Karis Neighbour Scheme, Shaw Trust, Gateway Family Services and SIFA Fireside. This way we can help with coping skills but also support on the triggers of mental ill health, such as debt, employment or housing.
  1. Wellbeing workshops. From September we are starting new NHS funded wellbeing workshops for the homeless community. These will be led in small groups, providing peer support in a format that is accessible and welcoming. We will seek to cover a range of topics addressing anxiety, depression, stress and anger, raise awareness and teach coping skills. The workshops will take different forms and use different mediums, from group discussions, to practical activities such as gardening or bike fixing.

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