SSAFA - Avon and Severnside Branch

SSAFA - Avon and Severnside Branch

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SSAFA supports those who serve in the Armed Forces, those who used to serve and the families of both.  The Bristol Branch offers support to those who live in and around the area, offering both financial assistance and advice to a wide range of people including World Ward 2 veterans, ex-National Servicemen and Women and those who have served more recently, together with their families.  In many cases this support can make a fundamental difference to their quality of life.


We use volunteers to raise awareness and help organise and manage high profile fund-raising events in order to raise money to help those we serve.  This is done through pro actively researching and seeking new opportunities to raise awareness and funds through identifying appropriate and ad-hoc fundraising community events eg; running stalls and events, selling merchandise and offering information about the work of SSAFA to the public.

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