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Sports Traider is a youth-focused charity offering youngsters the kit and support they need to discover and fulfil their sporting ambition and potential, whatever their background, ability or disability. Sports Traider have established the first chain of charity shops in the UK that specialise in sports kit and equipment. The aim is to make clothing and sport equipment affordable to all, and at the same time generate a sustainable source of funding to help disadvantaged young people participate in sport.

We channel all the money we raise back into grass-roots sport within the community area from which it was donated.  Sports Traider encourage kids to try new sports and help talented sporting youngsters excel. For example, by organising community sport coaching sessions, access to sporting facilities, helping with club fees or transportation, getting talented but disadvantaged athletes to training and events.

Our charity would like to help more disadvantaged children to level the playing field.  We need more volunteers to assist with various tasks and bring our programme to local communities.



Some families don’t have the time, the money or sometimes – sadly – the commitment to support their children through the expense and effort of taking part in sport. Take a teenager we know in Bedford. Let’s call him Joe. His mother died a few years ago, and his father can’t cope. He’s a talented athlete, selected to train at national level, but he often turns up to training with ripped clothes and broken equipment – if he turns up at all. For Joe to make training and attend fixtures on a regular basis, he needs support as well as money, and kids like Joe just can’t manage it without assistance. That’s where we come in.

Sports Traider helped Joe and many others like him to enjoy sport, get the kit they need and receive the support they need to excel.  We believe this will create a virtuous circle transforming community sport: the children who get opportunities and coaching now are likely to become the coaches and enthusiasts of the future. For us, sporting competition should be about talent, not about access to opportunity. That’s why our goal is about creating a level playing field for all.

Our focus on sport is perfectly in tune with the Government’s desire to get more young people being active and look after their health. It’s something kids themselves are keen to do: On the back of the Olympic Legacy young people now have a new excitement about sport.  The obstacle for many is the expense of doing their chosen sport.  Sports equipment are out of reach for many families and kids. 

By making sports clothing and equipment affordable, Sports Traider will make sport more accessible for kids, regardless of their background. They and their parents will have access to a well-labelled, wide-ranging selection of items at prices which won’t present a barrier.  Profits generated from sales of the items are ploughed back into the community to provide access to sporting facilities at low or no cost to children from disadvantaged backgrounds or minority groups, or those with disability.


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