Spirit of Peace

Spirit of Peace

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  • Human rights
  • International development
  • Learning disabilities / difficulties
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“Spirit of Peace gets people to extend from their previous boundaries and establish strong relationships within communities. Through their work they encourage people to reach out to build relations locally and in other parts of the UK. They help people to build confidence and to be a voice for peace and non violence through the tools of understanding and cooperation in our society.”  Mr Ismail Ginwalla, MBE 

“The challenge to humanity is to adopt new ways of thinking, new ways of acting, new ways of organizing society, in short new ways of living” – UNESCO document, Our Creative Diversity

We are a communities - responsive organisation whose purpose is to foster social cohesion, and contribute to creating a society where all can flourish. Responding to local and international needs and contexts we offer individuals and communities the opportunity, inspiration and training to work together for the common good, building stronger communities. 

Our innovative activities are aimed at promoting friendship, inclusion, confidence and skills within marginalised and disadvantaged groups. We work to create strong community bonds between ethnically and culturally diverse groups and individuals. Our work is frequently described by participants and external evaluation reports as transformational, inspirational, hopeful and making a real and lasting difference. 

In the UK we have four main interrelated programmes: Community Engagement, Pathways for Human Flourishing Programme, Kingian Nonviolence Training, and Arts at the Intersection. 

In the Middle East, we work with renowned peace builders who also stimulate our work in the UK. 


1. Community and multi-cultural cohesion,  delivered through  ongoing regular multicultural events and community conversations, and a new project called Arts at the Intersection. 

2.Social inclusion, bringing together majority and minority communities including refugees and people with learning disabilities.   

3.Training people for Positive  Citizenship  through  our  programme based on many years of experience in the field, including inspiring people through connecting them with international peace and community builders.   

4.Individual, Community  and Earth  Flourishing: Our events and programmes orientate people towards working together for the common good.   

5.Nonviolence: One of our programme areas is helping people to deal with conflict non-violently. In one strand of our delivery we work with Kingian Nonviolent Conflict Transformation, delivering programmes in schools and community groups with the only licensed UK trainer. This programme is based on the work of  Dr  Martin Luther King.   

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