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To provide exceptional resources, inspiration, training and space for artists and by doing so, to advance printmaking and educate the public in print. 

Spike Print Studio is a leading open access print studio originally set up by a group of artists, led by Peter Reddick RWA in 1976 for printmakers under the name Bristol Printmakers Workshop. It is one of the co-founding groups of Spike Island. It is a not-for-profit limited company and is run by its Board and staff. Spike Print Studio is a leading fine art print studio with a strong, democratic management structure committed to expanding its boundaries to be in the vanguard of print experimentation and education. This ethos creates a vibrant studio used by a wide range of regional, national and international artists. SPS provides exceptional studio facilities for fine art printmaking which are available to individuals to undertake their own work. It actively promotes artists, training and education for the public. It provides a stimulating, creative environment for artists to explore their work and offers technical support in producing original prints whilst making printmaking accessible to all through its educational programme. Spike Print Studio editions with international and residency artists to produce unique sets of contemporary prints. It offers inspiration for printmaking by facilitating the exchange of ideas between members and working with visiting artists. By providing expertise and facilities of the highest professional standards it supports artists so that they may be innovative and experimental with their work in a way which would not be possible if they were working alone. It provides ongoing training in contemporary and traditional printmaking by means of a mixed programme of courses, workshops and master classes. The studio supports all levels of experience and has a great atmosphere where people of all ages come together because of their love of print. 


We do the following:

  •  advance the arts and education in contemporary print through the provision of an open access print studio and through running a comprehensive learning programme accessible to all.
  • Spike Print Studio is the leading open access print studio in the south west, originally set up in 1976 by a group of artists led by Peter Reddick RWA.  We provide a stimulating, creative environment for artists to explore their work and offer technical support in producing original prints.
  • We run a progressive learning programme of exceptional standard, outstanding facilities and access to print. SPS is a not-for-profit limited company run by its Board and staff. Spike Print Studio Board of Directors is made up from members with space for two external members.
  • SPS is truly open access; we provide training, education and opportunities for the public to engage with print, and actively promote our artist members.
  • Anyone can become a member once they reach a satisfactory skill level, which for non-professionals is often achieved through our learning programme.
  • We have a reputation for channelling members into university programmes and HE. The studio has a long-standing reputation for producing work of a very high standard that instigates progression of the medium. Inexperienced artists work alongside professionals from all backgrounds, and this mix creates an environment of self-advancement.


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