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National - Britain


Spike Aware UK works to raise awareness and fight against drink and needle spiking throughout the UK.


Here are our Top 5 complexities!

1 Not recognised as a crime

Drink and needle spiking is not a recognised criminal offence in the UK and has no registered crime code. Quite often, spiking attacks are usually only taken into account if linked to a recognised criminal offence such as rape or theft.

2 Can impact anyone

Most victims of a drink or needle spiking attack are young females in their late teens and early twenties. However, anyone of us can be a victim of drink or needle spiking - any gender and any age.

3 Perceived as drunk

The majority of drink and needle spiking attacks go unreported. This is usually because the victims have been drinking alcohol and are fearful of not being believed and accused of drinking too much.

4 Bad recall

The majority of drink and needle spiking attacks go unreported. This is usually because the victims can not actually recall the detail of what happened to them due to the effects of the spiking drug on their memory.

5 It's the 'norm'

Most young people are fully aware of what drink and needle spiking is and live with the fear of being attacked. Drink and needle spiking is accepted as part of a 'normal' night out for most young people and has been for many years

The Spike Aware network is made up of amazing volunteers who are passionate about raising awareness of drink/needle spiking in their local areas.


We support Victims of spiking and work with schools, universities and community groups to raise awareness of Spiking.

We are campaigning on a national level to fight against drink and needle spiking.

We ask that the Police, the NHS, Politicians & MPs, Publicans & Business owners to have a multi-agency plan in supporting victims of drink and needle spiking, and to adopt a national approach.

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