Spectra Arts CIC

Spectra Arts CIC

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  • Learning disabilities / difficulties

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Organisation type: 
Not for profit
Geographical remit: 
National - England


Who our organisation helps

Our primary beneficiaries are those who are involved in making our work: participants, performing artists, facilitating artists, and our production team. Our audiences, the families of our participants, partners and other organisations that support our participants, our funders, and sector colleagues are important beneficiaries too.


How our organisation helps our beneficiaries and why that matters

We help our beneficiaries by providing high quality, meaningful, empowering creative opportunities. This could be through employment, through participation, as an audience member or through partnership work. Our Mission is to create a world that values brains that work in different ways, so our aim is for the ripple effect of our work to create a more inclusive, equitable society.



Fierce and joyful performance, film and installation; authentic collaboration; adventure; connection; and loving challenge to cultivate a world that celebrates brains that work in different ways. 


An arts company that brings fresh fire to the creation of theatre, film and installation: sparked by an alliance of extraordinary imaginations, producing interactive adventures that call on all of the audience’s senses to imagine intensely positive possibilities.

Responsive projects with a wide range of partners that celebrate equity in shared creation, exceptional creativity, the growth challenge brings, reflection, and the joy of performance and connection in their myriad guises.

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