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SpeciAll is a non-profit organisation which has recently started up. We help allergy suffers to find restaurants which cater for their allergies and ensure that you can find safe restaurants near by. This especially helps the more vulnerable, like children, who don't always understand why they can't go out with their friends and have a great time without putting their lives at risk.

SpeciAll was created after a family friend, Nainika Tikoo, a promising and energetic 9 year old, passed away due to a severe allergic reaction. This horrid event helped us to realise that there wasn't enough allergy awareness and people with many allergies struggled to eat out with their friends and family. 



We are developing an app which helps allergy suffers to find restaurants that cater for their needs immediately. There has been a CBBC documentary about the journey of SpeciAll's development and during this documentary the likes of Dina Tokio and Deborah Meaden gave us their expertise tips on how to make this app better for everyone.

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