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Here at Southstainable we believe sustainability means knowing how to balance our needs with that of our communities and our planet.

We are here to show that this journey can be done without being overcomplicated, obsessive or completely life-changing. We can help each other sustain ourselves in life regardless of any cultural, economical, or ideological differences.

We mainly focus on young adults (16-25), particularly in South London, that are transitioning from living with their parents to live independently.

They often face the challenge of needing to provide for themselves and to learn domestic skills that are not always taught. This of course impact their individual sustainability as well as the sustainability of the planet, because of more or less sustainable choices that comes from knowing or not knowing what to do in certain life circumstances.

We are thus committed to promoting sustainable living by educating young adults and the wider communities in essential life skills. We focus on instilling a sustainability mindset through upcycling, DIY repairs, and sustainable food habits, such as low-waste cooking and conscious shopping, with the ultimate goal of establishing a "Skill for Life Hub" – a community centre where people of all ages can both learn and impart valuable life skills.

Our big vision is to establish our presence in South London and eventually collaborate with the local council in tackling environmental, sustainability and social issues, becoming community hub for all matters concerning urban sustainability, education and general wellbeing of underserved populations, including but not limited to the youth. 


Southstainable aims to meet its objectives by training young people between the ages of 16 - 25 in essential skills that promote a sustainability mindset, including through teaching upcycling, DIY repairs, and sustainable food practices, among other skills (e.g. such as learning low waste cooking, conscious shopping, swing, repairing, handyman skills).

This to improve their life skills and independence to make them conscious adult citizens.

The workshops are occasionally open to adults too, considering that those sustainable skills are fundamental to their functioning in these communities as well.

Furthermore, we aim to team up with local businesses and the wider community to improve the sustainability and togetherness of our neighborhood, as we think that collective effort is the most efficient way to tackle the sustainability issues that we face today. This is done through social media, our website, our community events.


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