South East Cancer Help Centre

South East Cancer Help Centre

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The South East Cancer Help Centre supports both patients and carers with or affected by cancer. Our therapies complement, but are not an alternative to the essential clinical treatment such as surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Although many more people are surviving cancer compared to 20 years ago, a significant number experience physical health and emotional problems both during and after their clinical treatment when they find themselves having to cope with fatigue, pain, immobility or an array of other debilitating side-effects of their cancer.  Our aim is to help our patients and their carers to find the confidence and mental strength to cope with their situation.



The South East Cancer Help Centre provides counselling, complementary therapies and group support delivered by a team of highly skilled Counsellors, Therapists and Group Leaders.  We work closely with the NHS and provide over 4000 individual sessions and 500 group sessions per year at our Centre in Purley and at Croydon University Hospital.

This includes some 24 different services including various one to one complementary therapies, counselling, group sessions, arts, crafts and workshops all within a tranquil, friendly and supportive environment. We open 5 days a week from 9.0 to 5.0, one evening and Saturday mornings.

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