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Snowball is a new climate action community. We want to put people in the driving seat of climate action - enabling people, all round the world to come together and fight climate change as part of an exciting and ambitious community. A network of people, around the world, each taking action, with one common goal.


Snowball provides information to people on how they can fight climate change in their everyday lives. This could be anything from changing their diet, to how they travel, to how they use their voice on social media. Members can commit to take action in each area and in doing so, will join a community of others who have already made that same commitment.

We want people to know that they are not alone. There are millions of people just like them, who are worried about climate change, and who are taking action each day to help get it under control. Snowball simply provides a platform from which members can take action and can inspire others to take action. 

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