Smithdown Social Arts Hub and Gallery 455

Smithdown Social Arts Hub and Gallery 455

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We are a community creative arts hub and gallery that supports local artists from a variety of creative genres including musicians, fine artists, writers, and filmmakers. We provide a wide range of services to artists through funding that aims to empower local artists out of a lockdown mentality back into creating and engaging with others. Artists, more than any other professional, were marginalised during lockdown by the government initially refusing to offer support to the self-employed artist and declining to recognise that art is a real job. We used our funding that we were finally able to receive to extend support to artists through a wide variety of services that benefitted them in many ways including providing opportunities to improve their financial circumstances and supporting activities to improve mental health.


The services we provide include art exhibitions, art classes, book publishing, digital content creation, and a script to screen filmmaking school. The art gallery in particular supports local artists in unique ways - we offer exhibition space at no cost, charge a low commission (20-30%) on sales, and cover costs for professional photography for the artwork, build an artist page complete with e-commerce, and print cards to accompany the artwork on exhibition. The impact we have made with creatives over the past 2 years especially has seen many artists exhibit for the first time due to creating a space that is welcoming and supportive, (many galleries are seen as looking down the nose at unaccomplished artists from untraditional art backgrounds), building confidence in artists to keep creating despite what is happening in the world, providing a community space for artists to continue their learning journey through a variety of art classes and providing some free classes to reduce exclusivity for people with low incomes. For filmamkers/scriptwriters we provide a unique opportunity to see a script to the screen and learn how scripts can be written to have a better chance of being produced in terms of keeping an eye on production costs while writing. Musicians have access to recording equipment and are invited to art launch events to create ambience for the art enthusiasts as they view the latest exhibition - we are now on exhibition #14 with #15 opening on December 2nd exclusively exhibiting female artists.

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