The Small Project

The Small Project

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The Small Project supports local families who are struggling to provide their children with the clothes and equipment they need. Families are encouraged to use the project as a library and to return regularly for more clothes as their baby grows. They save money by accessing these free resources, and have the opportunity to engage with other parents.


The Small Project runs weekly sessions for families to select the clothes and equipment they need whilst engaging with supportive volunteers. At the same time it is one of few organisation which gives volunteers the opportunity to get involved with a friendly, community project whilst having their own young children with them.

Donations of good quality clothes and equipment are sourced locally from families who no longer need them and in this way the project encourages and promotes re-use and sustainability.

The Small Project has been running since 2015 and continues to provide a completely volunteer-run service on a budget of less than £1000 per year through it's simple yet effective service of passing on clothes and equipment from one family to another. It is supported by local charity Oasis Waterloo who provide the venue.

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