SKIN DEEP Behind the Mask

SKIN DEEP Behind the Mask

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  • Health and well being / research and care

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General Support

  • To publicize and gain public support for the Organisation
  • To raise funds and receive contributions, where appropriate, for financing the organisation and its work.
  • To provide information and support to patients and their families in an open and confidential manner.
  • To raise awareness of skin diseases and the consequences for sufferers through education and media representation.
  • To take all necessary lawful action to attain the objectives of the Organisation
  • Organise meetings, training courses and events.

Patient Support

  • To create opportunities for skin disease sufferers to address social isolation and to re-build their confidence and self-esteem through workshops, support groups and activities.
  • To facilitate patients and their families in getting the specialised care they require by acting as a resource of specialised doctors, counsellors and facilities.
  • To assist patients in coping with their disease by providing information, and organising support groups, lectures and activities aimed at rehabilitation and counselling.
  • To encourage sufferers to live as full a life as possible by providing a positive and safe environment to discover talents, learn new skills, enjoy hobbies or return to work after a medical absence.

Collaborative Working

  • To raise awareness of skin diseases in the medical community and to advocate increased support for sufferers by highlighting the ramifications on patients’ lives.
  • To promote equal opportunity in the workplace by providing information and support to patients and their employers.
  • To promote and raise funds for the research, prevention and treatment of dermatological conditions.
  • To promote international standards with respect to food, biological, pharmaceutical and similar products.
  • Co-operate and support statutory and voluntary agencies engaged in the furtherance of the above objectives in the UK and abroad.


Providing education, guidance and support to skin disease sufferers and carers alike. SDBM aims, by 2020, to be the leading provider of high quality and innovative services to skin disease patients regardless of what disease they are suffering. We aim to provide meaningful and practical support to their families and carers.

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