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We make a difference to the lives of young people through skateboarding. We are a UK registered youth development charity that uses teaching to skateboard in a structured and supportive environment as a platform to develop the skills and abilities of children and young people. This involves training young skateboarders aged 17 to 19 to become coaches and coaching children and young people aged 7 to 14 to skateboard.

We deliver a programme that uses teaching to skateboard in a structured and supportive environment as a platform to build the confidence, skills and abilities of children and young people (especially those who are less privileged, disaffected and at risk of being socially excluded) to enable them to fulfil their potential and participate in society as mature and responsible individuals.

Skateboarding, like many other sports and activities, has many great benefits and can be enjoyed by anyone, any age, sex or race.

Children who begin skateboarding at an early age learn to love physical activity and will often enjoy the health benefits of that activity for years to come. Skateboarding is also an ideal cross trainer for other sports such as surfing and snowboarding. Other benefits of
skateboarding include:

  • Improvement in balance, coordination and flexibility
  • Development of muscle strength, endurance and cardiovascular fitness
  • Encouragement of visualisation and goal setting
  • Increase in concentration, focus and persistence
  • Promotion of individuality and creativity
  • Promotion of teamwork and group participation
  • Development of confidence, social skills and self esteem
  • Development of sports competence and skills required for multiple sports
  • Introduction to sportsmanship and fair play
  • Development of life skills such as independence, a positive attitude and respect for others

Learning to skateboard and skateboarding:

  • Requires dedication - teaches young people the need for dedication, perseverance and commitment to achieve a goal
  • Develops identity - skateboarding enhances social skills and helps young people develop a positive sense of identity, belonging and connectedness with the community and society as a whole
  • Builds confidence - skateboarding boosts confidence, self-esteem and the knowledge that young people can make things happen in your life


We recruit, train and mentor young skateboards, generally aged between 17 and 19, to become skateboard coaches.

We recruit children and young people aged between 7 and 14 to learn to skateboard.

We deliver a five day week long morning coaching programme and weekend drop in coaching sessions.  

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