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Sierra Leone Education and Development Trust

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(2022 objectives appear in brackets)

  • We will pay all the educational costs for 50 (40) high achievers in primary schools from poor homes who would otherwise be unable to go to secondary school.
  • We will provide mobility equipment for 35 (25) disabled children and young people so that they can get to school and around their villages without crawling or being carried. We treat prosthetic legs as mobility equipment.
  • We will support care and training costs at Mustard Seed children’s home in Moyamba so that 10 (10) severely disabled children get the support they need.
  • We will pay for 2 (1) blind children to get the benefit of residential education including learning to read braille.
  • We will support 46 (38) final year students at Kroo primary school. This school serves the most deprived neighbourhood in Freetown.
  • We will support 7 (4) of our successful secondary school ‘graduates’ so that they can go on to university or vocational training college.
  • We will do all this with your donations of about £30,000 (£25,000).


We make grants to pay the secondary school costs of the brightest poor children from primary schools in Mahera, Shenge, Bonthe, Kroo Bay and Foredugu. Although the government in 2018 abolished secondary school fees, other costs are beyond the means of Sierra Leone's poorest families. The Head Teachers of schools in Mahera, Shenge, Bonthe, Kroo Bay and Foredugu villages select children from very poor homes who have achieved top results (a score of 280 or more) in the final primary school exams. In January 2022 we were sponsoring 38 children. We will pay their educational costs through secondary school provided they do well in the national BECE exam at the end of the third year (a score of 25 or less - the lower the score in BECE , the better the performance). The costs we meet include uniform, shoes, school bag, the best quality textbooks, examination fees and extra lessons prior to exams. Sometimes we provide students with solar lights for evening study, a small table and chair and a mattress and mosquito net to prevent malaria.

We also help disabled children and young people with equipment such as mobility carts, wheelchairs and bicycles so that they can attend school and have more personal freedom. Some of the youngsters are selected by voluntary organisations of disabled people such as DRIMS based in Bo. Others have been found in remote villages by our volunteers Chernor Barrie and Sulaiman Bah. Chernor and Sulaiman have transported mobility carts and wheelchairs by boat to remote villages on Sherbro island and the Turtle Islands. Nobody on these islands had ever seen a mobility cart before. The photographs on the home page show two young people crawling in the dirt near their homes and then riding their mobility carts. The positive impact on a child's life from receiving a mobility cart or wheelchair is immediate and profound. It restores dignity and enables the child to go to school regularly.

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