Shotley Heritage CCBS Ltd

Shotley Heritage CCBS Ltd

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Shotley Heritage was formed by local people to preserve and save local maritime assets and structures, with the first project being Shotley Pier. We raised the money to buy the derelict pier, and have now gained grants to repair the first "Landbridge" Section.

We are creating trading by having regular fund raiser events such as art exhibitions, and recently acquired the mobile catering business next to the pier to sell fresh cooked items such as bacon baps and hot drinks. 

Our services are to help people celebrate the heritage of the Shotley shore, and as over 150,000 young men were trained by the Royal Navy nearby, who used our pier, there is a large group of people who love the history of the area.

Items to celebrate include Commercial and Leisure Fishing, Crabbing, Boats, Royal Navy, Royal Mail, British Transport Motor Boat Service, Industrial Rail lines, Wild Birds, Mudflats, Saxon history, Viking history, WW1 and WW2 history including seaplane testing, surrender of the German submarine fleet

Our help matters because the pier has been decaying gently  over the last 30 years, and if we don't renovate it, it would be lost for use, and all those memories forgotten. Local people are very keen to be able to walk on it again, and take the next generation to enjoy fishing crabbing and strolling.


Monthly coffee morning at the Michelin-listed Red Lion, Chelmondiston

Annual Art Exhibition and sale at Shotley Church

Member meetings

Mobile catering at the Pier every Sunday during winter, hours to increase from spring 2020

Apply for grants to renovate the pier

Fund raise to gain more community engagement

No current opportunities

Search for volunteer opportunities with other organisations.