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Sheffield Mind is an independent charity which provides support and advice to individuals living with mental illness. We provide a range of recovery focused services including free counselling, group art and drama therapy, bespoke support work, help with accommodation and independent living and a Mind and Body programme designed to promote the links between physical and mental wellbeing.

We encourage peer support and try where possible to engage users in the development and delivery of our services.

One of our principal objectives is to help individuals manage their illness by providing the support and information required to allow them to live independent and productive lives. Statistics indicate that one in four people will experience some form of mental illness in their lifetime and we want to make sure that everyone in the city regardless of economic, geographic or social status can access essential services.


We run a number of projects and provide services to individuals and groups that are struggling with mental ill health. here are just a sample

Counselling A free counselling & psychotherapy service aimed primarily at people on a low/no income.

Support groups A range of social & activity groups that provide regular, more informal support.

Support work One-to-one practical assistance to people with in their homes or out in the community.

SDS budget management A service providing budget management for mental health suffers in receipt of direct payments for purchasing social care services.

Sheffield Mind & Body project A highly effective wellbeing project helping people improve their physical & emotional wellbeing through a variety of workshops & groups.

Mental Health Information Service A service ranging from helping ad hoc telephone callers to managing the Sheffield Mental Health Guide

Volunteer programme A range of well managed & supervised opportunities to get involved with Sheffield Mind, while building skill & confidence levels.

Sheffield Mental Health Week An annual project bringing many organisations in Sheffield together.

Anti-stigma campaign A partnership project challenging negative perceptions about mental health.


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